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The Half Moon series from Japan is a liqueur brewed with rich and carefully selected ingredients that are commonly found and used in typical Japanese kitchens since ancient times. These liquors are great for cocktails due to their rich and natural flavours.

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From the same Half Moon lineup, there are three distinct flavours with different coloured bottles. The respective flavours are Yuzu (citrus), which comes in a vibrant blue bottle, Ume Shisho (plum) in a red bottle, and Ginger flavour in a green bottle.


The Iseman Half Moon series is originated and produced in Miyagawa, Japan. Their mission was to create high-quality, honest, and respectable products. Hence, all Half Moon Series is carefully crafted to perfection with first-class quality from the taste to the packaging.

What is Half Moon Yuzu?

Containing about 20% of alcohol content, the Half Moon Yuzu is a liqueur that has a citrus fruit tone with a unique taste and aroma.

It is made by distilling barley sake which results in a light-bodied liqueur with a neutral taste. The Yuzu liquor is then mixed with the natural juices of Yuzu (a citrus fruit of East Asia), giving it a fresh flavour and juicy acidity.

Tasting Notes

The Half Moon yuzu is rich, with generous notes of lemon, grapefruit, lime, and tangerine, providing it with bright citrus acidity.

Is Half Moon Yuzu suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Half Moon Yuzu is very suitable for beginners because of its refreshing fruity taste.

How do you drink Half Moon yuzu?

This Japanese Yuzu is a versatile liquor that can be enjoyed in multiple ways. You may drink it on its own, over ice, or like how most people enjoy it, by shaking, stirring, or blending it into cocktails.

Half Moon Yuzu recipe

Add club soda or ginger ale to the Half Moon Yuzu liqueur to pop some fizziness to this drink. Alternatively, you can add tropical fruit like mango and yogurt to turn it into a creamy cocktail. The Half Moon Yuzu mixer is a sure crowd-pleaser!

Food Pairings

This delicious liquor with shades of citrus fruit is best paired with heavy food like deep-fried food, hotpot, or barbecue.

Half Moon Yuzu mixer is a crowd-pleaser

An easy drink with low alcohol content. It is refreshing and has a unique aroma and taste, making it perfect for gatherings or occasions. Buy one now at offer price!

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