TATENOKAWA Junmai Daiginjo Komyo Yamada Nishiki

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Brewery Date: March 2022

1% polished sake with the ‘King of Sake Rice’: 100%, Hyogo-grown Yamada Nishiki.

A world first in sake making, Zenith from Tatenokawa is a brew that has been made with rice polished to a rate of just 1%. The result is a supremely clean & fresh sake with a delicate balance of fresh fruit & floral character.

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TATENOKAWA Junmai Daiginjo Komyo Yamada Nishiki

Tatenokawa began to make sake in the 1850s. The brewer aims to “make sake that will one day lead the world”. In 2010, they became the first brewery in Yamagata Prefecture to make only Junmai Daiginjo sake.

Usually, a very pure Daiginjo sake is milled to about 40 or 50% of its original size. The lower the rice polishing ratio, the more time-consuming and difficult the process, but the more fragrant the resulting sake.

In 2017, the 6th generation brewer Sato Jumpei created “Komyo”, which made a stir in the sake industry with its use of premium Yamada Nishiki rice polished down to just 1%. This achievement made Komyo one of the most sought-after sakes in the world.

In the history of sake, no brewery had ever achieved a rice polishing of 1% before and KOMYO Dewasansan (Zenith Dewasansan), released in 2017, was a world first.

In 2018 they decided to aim even higher and challenge ourselves to brew a 1% polished sake with the ‘King of Sake Rice’: 100%, Hyogo-grown Yamada Nishiki. 2019 ushered in the birth of KOMYO Yamada Nishiki (Zenith Yamada Nishiki). The high-grade Yamada Nishiki brings a crisp flavor while retaining robust umami elements.

Komyo’s achievement was a breakthrough in sake history, which was not previously imaginable in the industry. The refined Komyo is identified by ultimate transparency set off by a light aroma of white flowers. The flavor is rich and fruity with a gentle sweetness.

Chilled Komyo matches all foods with a light flavor.

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